NOTE: This is an ongoing and ever-growing list of links. Authors will be added as they are published in Firebird.


Lloyd Alexander
Fan-created page for the author of the Westmark Trilogy and the Chronicles of Prydain. (Lloyd himself does not own a computer.)

Peter S. Beagle
He is best known as the author of THE LAST UNICORN.

Francesca Lia Block

Changed the face of fiction forever with her Weetzie Bat books. She is wonderful.

Michael Bohbot
Cover artist for Lloyd Alexander's Westmark Trilogy

Ellen Datlow
Ellen knows every single person worth knowing in the sff world. She also edits SCI FICTION and shops like a fiend.

GraceAnne DeCandido
Frequent fantasy/science fiction reviewer for Booklist - and proud mother of genre author Keith R.A. DeCandido.

Pamela Dean
Shakespeare obsessive, vegan, and one of the smartest people ever.

Peter Dickinson
Husband of the esteemed Robin McKinley, master of every genre he touches.

Sylvia Engdahl
The first person I know to teach an online class (in the late 1980's).

Alison Goodman
She breaks genre boundaries better than anyone I know.

Brian Jacques
Recorder of Redwall.

Diana Wynne Jones
Author of the Chrestomanci books, the Dalemark Quartet, and many other quirky, terrific books you need to read.

Charles de Lint
Inventor of many worlds, including what is commonly known as "urban fantasy." Musician and Canadian and husband of the equally rad, MaryAnn Harris.

If there's someone you're looking for, chances are you'll find him or her here. Includes author- and fan-created pages.

Patricia A. McKillip
A great fansite for an equally great writer.

Robin McKinley
Author of Spindle's End, The Hero and the Crown, and The Blue Sword. Owns three whippets, a budgerigar, and a cream-colored 1965 MG convertible.

Garth Nix
Author of Sabriel, Lirael, and the forthcoming Abhorsen. Former editor and agent; current and always Australian.

Meredith Ann Pierce
As a child, she wanted to be a unicorn...

Tamora Pierce
Author of many literary quartets: The Song of the Lioness; The Immortals; Circle of Magic; The Circle Opens; and Protector of the Small . Co-founder of Sheroes Central and friend of birds who live in parks.

Madeleine Robins
The Woman Who Can Do Everything, including serve as SFWA Secretary

Sherwood Smith
Author of Crown Duel, the Wren series, and has an entire universe in her head. Also: cool hats.

Megan Whalen Turner
Author of The Thief and The Queen of Attolia. Huge Rosemary Sutcliff fan.

Terri Windling
Doyenne of the Endicott Studio - as well as editor, writer, painter, and advocate of the mythic arts.

Elizabeth E. Wein
She is a quadruple threat. She flies small planes, rings church bells (it's called "change ringing"), and writes fantastic books for which she draws her own maps.

Laurel Winter
Poet, novelist, novella-ist, and an amazing dresser. Also she lives in a "smart house."

Jane Yolen
Storyteller, talespinner, marvelous writer in any and all genres.


The many faces of Penguin ...

Penguin USA
Penguin UK
Penguin Australia
Penguin Canada
Penguin India
Penguin Ireland
Penguin New Zealand
Penguin South Africa (coming soon)

For more science fiction and fantasy ...



Magazine for hard sf lovers

British e-zine run by David Langford

Magazine edited by the redoubtable Gardner Dozois

Book-a-Minute SFF
When you don't have time to read.

Broad Universe
An alliance of women sff writers and those who read, admire, and support them.

Dueling Modems
Discussions with authors, fans, editors ... (but you have to join first.)

Fannish E-Mail Directory
Reach out and touch someone.

Fantastic Fiction
A justifiably fantastic British cross-genre resource - if you want to know what an author has written, and when, you'll find it here.

Fantasy and Science Fiction
Better known as F&SF - a great monthly genre fiction magazine, edited by Gordon Van Gelder.

Hour of the Wolf
Radio program often featuring sff authors, on Saturday mornings from 5-7 AM (EST) - you can hear it online, too.

The Infinite Matrix
An e-journal for "people who love science fiction as a literature of ideas."

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
One of the best zines out there - you can even subscribe and get chocolate with each issue, along with terrific writing. Make sure to check out Small Beer Press.

The Publishers Weekly of sff. Its online presence is updated almost daily, and features a killer Links Portal.
Website focused on women in sff - writers and readers.

The Mythopeic Society
For fans of fantasy and mythic literature, especially J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams.

New York Review of Science Fiction
Exactly what it says - and sponsors of an essential reading series.

An online discussion group to visit until ours is up and running. You can find sff under "genre fiction," and also archived in their YA section.

A magazine of dark fantasy and horror.

Books and links for the science fiction fan. A combination of a weblog, a survey site, and a BBS.

A must-read site, featuring both new stories/novellas and classics. Masterminded by Ellen Datlow, so of course it's terrific.
Not unlike Dueling Modems (see above), and affiliated with SFWA (see below)

SFF World
One of the largest collections of reviews and links around - based out of Norway.

Science Fiction Book Club
Terrific selections, deep discounts, and books you won't find anywhere else. (Yes, of course I am a member. You should be, too.)

Science Fiction
The monthly science fiction glossy newswire.

The SF Site
It's called "The" SF Site for a reason. The best resource around, the host of other great websites, too. Thank you, Rodger Turner.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Also known as "SFWA" (pronounced SIFF-wah). If you write, or want to, you've got to go here.

Strange Horizons
E-zine full of stories and reviews.


You can find information for almost all of the conventions around through Locus's Links Portal. Some important ones, however, are:

World Fantasy