Publishing Schedule

Spring 2007

• Mister Boots (paperback) Carol Emshwiller
• Magic Lessons (paperback) Justine Larbalestier
• The Truth-Teller’s Tale (paperback) Sharon Shinn
• Singer in the Snow (paperback) Louise Marley
• The Game (original novella) Diana Wynne Jones


Summer 2007

• Ratha’s Creature (reissue) Clare Bell
• Clan Ground (reissue) Clare Bell
• Journey Between Worlds (paperback) Sylvia Engdahl
• Tersias the Oracle (paperback) G.P. Taylor
• Fire Bringer (reissue) David Clement-Davies
• The Sight (reissue) David Clement-Davies
• I’m Afraid You’ve Got Dragons (original novella) Peter Beagle


Fall 2007

• Firebirds Rising (paperback) Various
• Redwall (slip cased 3-volume) Brian Jacques
• Ratha and Thistle-chase (reissue) Clare Bell
• Ratha’s Challenge (reissue) Clare Bell
• Indigara (original novella) Tanith Lee


Spring 2008

• Dingo (original novella) Charles de Lint
• High Rhulain (reissue) Brian Jacques
• Piratica II (paperback) Tanith Lee
• The Dream-Maker’s Magic (paperback) Sharon Shinn
• Magic’s Child (paperback) Justine Larbalestier
• The Dubious Hills (reissue) Pamela Dean


Summer 2008

• Firebirds Soaring Various
• Changeling (paperback) Delia Sherman
• Spirits That Walk in Shadow (paperback) Nina Hoffman
• Epic (paperback) Conor Kostick


Fall 2008

• Firebird Novellas 1-3 (paperback) Various
• Beyond the Gates (paperback) Molly Gloss
• Snow White and Rose Red (paperback) Patricia C. Wrede
• The Seven Towers (paperback) Patricia C. Wrede
• Voyage of the Slaves (paperback) Brian Jacques